A majority of electronic cigarettes use vape liquid to produce nicotine. Unfortunately, most people who use vape liquids are unaware of the proper ways of storing them. Most vapors carry their vape liquids around in their pockets, cars, or store them on their bookshelf. While you may be able to locate your vape liquid easily, its quality may be affected. Improper storage renders vape like myle vape disposable. Below are some pointers to help you store your vape liquid so that you can use it for a longer period.


Store Away From Direct Sunlight

UV rays from light may render your vape liquid unusable. When your vape liquid is exposed to light, the UV rays may weaken its components, making it lose its strength and taste.  Always ensure your e-liquid is stored away from direct sunlight.

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Keep Away From Heat

Whether you are storing it for a short or long duration, ensure your vape liquid is not exposed to sources of heat like the sun. Heat breaks down the components of the vape liquid, making it lose its quality.

Ensure The Cap Is Tightly Sealed

When you loosely seal the cap of your liquid, oxygen may seep in and reduce its quality. Oxygen reacts with nicotine to produce cotinine. At this point, if you use your e-liquid, there will be a considerable loss in the concentration of nicotine. This means you won’t get to enjoy the full benefits of nicotine. To avoid this, ensure you tighten the cap of your e-liquid before you store it.

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Label Your Vape Liquids With Purchase Dates

Labeling helps you determine which e-liquids you can use and those that are about to expire. You should also develop a tendency of whiffing older vape liquids to gauge how fresh they are.

Store The E-Liquid In A Fridge

If you choose to store your e-liquid in a refrigerator, make sure it is set at room temperature. Keeping your e-liquid under freezing conditions may affect its flavor. Your atomizer may also have a hard time heating a chilled e-liquid.


Bonus Points

If your e-liquid was stored in a transparent bottle, consider transferring it into a tinted bottle to protect it from the light. Moreover, in case you buy your vape liquid online, ensure you pick it immediately it is delivered to your address to prevent exposure to the sun’s rays. Following the guidelines above will ensure your vape liquid lasts for a longer period.