If you are a mechanical or civil engineer, handling the project at a construction site or in a manufacturing plant, then you are very-well aware of the importance of roller compactors in UAE. Today, thousands of manufacturing units and infrastructure projects use these compactors to move forward the project with a high degree of efficiency, and speed. Obviously, the investor needs to spend a decent amount of money on these machineries. But the return from such equipment is worth mentioning. It is quite interesting to know some fundamental things about these highly effective machines.

Roller Compactor and Its Applications

In simple terms, a roller compactor is construction equipment that is used to transform raw, high-quality materials into strong, solid compact units, by mechanical energy. These roller compactors regularly produce sheets and strips. There is also another term for this machine which is dry granulator.

Simple Principle That Forms Its Basis

This machine operates based on the simple principle of three of its major units working in tandem. The three distinct components are as following:

Feeding system – A component which guides the powder to a specific compaction zone situated in the middle of rolls

Compaction unit – It is a crucial component in this machine responsible for compacting the powder with a tremendously high mechanical force

Reduction unit – The unit mills the ribbons into specific particle sizes depending on each project requirements.

The mechanical force in equipment is expressed mathematically in KN/cm.

Roller Compactor Categories

There are a couple of broad categories which are as follows:

  • Compactors that have a fixed gap
  • Compactors that have a floating gap
  • The second category of compactors is regarded to be superior to the first one, in terms of operational efficiency.

Major Process Variables of Roller Compactors

Roller compactors under operation have three major process variables as following:

  • The total pressure of compaction
  • Velocity of the feeding screws
  • The total speed of roll

Benefits of Dry Granulator

Have a look at the many benefits of roller compactors mentioned below:

  • Dry granulation method saves quality of materials, sensitive to moisture or solvents
  • The complete procedure is environmentally friendly
  • The process of mechanical automation becomes easy by using this machine
  • The equipment has a pretty low operational expense
  • The machine is easy to operate and maintain

Install a Roller Compactor

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