The IQOS gadget can be tagged as a technologically advanced method of delivering nicotine into the body while reducing the effects of ingesting burned tobacco. This method has been accomplished with the use of heated tobacco derivatives which can be known as HTPs. They can also be dubbed HNB (heat-not-burn) tobacco derivatives.


Powered by an inbuilt battery pack that supplies it with the capacity required to increase the temperature of the tobacco placed inside when in use. Making use of the device is not technically tagged as smoking and also does not fall into the category of vaping either. Individuals who make use of the device state that the gadget breaches the space that exists between both which increases its attractiveness to its users.

For certain individuals that smoke, the typical vape does not function as a suitable substitute for cigarettes. The ordeal seems to differ greatly from regular smoking which can be difficult for them to get acquainted with.


Understanding IQOS Devices and Where You Can Purchase Them - SimplyCheck


It is essentially made up of three parts; the portable charger, the gadget, the sticks, and a pack of disposable cigarettes. These are usually a combination of a specific flavor along with nicotine and VG. They are specially designed to give the feeling of a cigarette but with lesser harm.

Utilization Process

To utilize the device, it needs to be regularly charged for four minutes inside the case between every use. The device indicates when it is fully charged, then you proceed to insert the heat stick into the device. You then wait for about 20 seconds for the device to heat up and begin to vibrate before you can use it. You can either use the device for six minutes or take 14 drags out of it before you are required to charge it again. When using the IQOS device, the nicotine that is delivered into the system is faster than when using a vape.

Understanding IQOS Devices and Where You Can Purchase Them - SimplyCheck

Cleaning Tips

The gadget does not produce any side vapor. Due to the design, it feels just like a cigarette in the individual’s mouth and the flavor is quite similar. To ensure that your gadget is always performing at its peak, regularly cleaning the device. It is advised to clean the device every 20 uses or after each set of heets.

Where To Buy One From?

Another question you might have is where you can get an IQOS device from. You can easily buy IQOS online Sharjah.