This stone was known to have a ruler known as Lord Saturn, he taught his followers how to persevere, how to be patient, and not believe in death, and not to fear death. This stone can be found in gemstone stores where you could see sapphires for sale, and you could make your purchase. The decision on who should wear this stone and who should not be all left in the hands of astrology, it is normally advisable for one to follow what and how the planets are placed in your horoscope. The known signs that are compatible with the blue sapphire gemstone are the Capricorn and the Aquarius, these two signs are said to also be controlled by the lord Saturn.

Dealing with Negative Energy

Saturn is known as a planet that releases a blue color as it slowly moves and it produces barriers and obstacles to the lives of those who have weak Saturn’s, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of this stone you have to be strong in the Saturn aspect. One thing to really consider when wearing the blue sapphire jewelry is to ensure it maintains skin contact with your skin, this ensures that its positive aspects affect and influence your aura and chase off negative energies.

Aries Star Signs

There are strict rules to follow and consider when you want to wear this stone, for someone who is an Aries it should only be worn by someone who is a native Aries and it has to be worn only when Saturn is undertaken.
People whose Saturn is in the second, seventh, tenth, and eleventh can try and wear this stone but its results or outcomes are not guaranteed,
Some who can wear this stone with as much confidence as possible is a Taurus whose Saturn is placed in residences of the first, second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh, they have nothing to worry about as all the odds are in their favor.

Gemini Star Signs

A sign that should really take a lot of this into consideration and take a lot of time to evaluate before wearing this stone is the Gemini because Saturn contains one unfavorable and one favorable of this sign’s native, so it is not advisable for a Gemini to wear this stone.

In Conclusion

These are a few points showing who can and can’t wear the blue sapphire gemstone. Who can and who cannot wear it does not affect the precious stones price, it only helps you see if you are eligible to wear it and if it would bring good fortune for you?