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Healing and Hope

Breast cancer is one of the top ten priorities for public Health at the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD). In 2008 HAAD started a dedicated campaign targeting women with the aim to increasing awareness on breast cancer, increasing the number of women taking mammography and tackling the main barriers preventing women from screening.

The documentary "Healing & Hope" is a first for the UAE, it features local breast cancer survivors and their families highlighting the survivors journey from the time they were diagnosed and shows how they coped with the disease and returned to the path of healing and a normal life.

The Documentary follows the situations faced by Boshara, a young mother, by Ameena, a grandmother, by Nivin, a nurse, by Mariam, a police officer, by Arlin, who was pregnant when diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and Kristin, a single lady faced with the prospect of being left infertile.

The documentary tackles some of the identified causes for fear, stigma and misconceptions, the effect of breast cancer not only on the patients but also their families, careers and others in their immediate social network.

It also highlights the importance of family support, in particular the role of the husband. Support by the Government is indicated by offering different treatment options and maintaining the patient job throughout treatment and recovery stages.

To submit a request for production or to receive copy of the documentary, please fill the attached form and send it to